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this blog and my work is dedicated to the flower songs that teach me how to live, love, and organize like the flowers do.

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Agua Dulce (Guadalupe) Chavez, (they/them, she/her), MFT, has been studying flower and plant spirit medicine since 2009 as an apprentice to their teacher Queen Hollins and to the earth herself in Tongva, Choctaw, and Taino lands. Agua Dulce believes that our healing and organizing is directly connected to our relationship with the earth. Agua Dulce is a fierce believer in healing justice and transformative justice as strategies towards building a world without borders and cages. They spend much of their time organizing healers into movement work focused on liberation and justice for LGBTQI+, Brown, Black, and communities historically underemployed and unhoused. Currently Agua Dulce is the Healing Justice Organizer for Justice Teams Network, where she is building out a California statewide Healers Network. Also through the Justice Teams Network they have been invited to train communities across California in Healing Justice principles, practice, and strategies. Guadalupe is most excited about sharing sacred medicine making and earth based rituals as an essential part of Abolitionist movements. Agua Dulce has a private practice where she weaves together earth-based spiritual rituals and tools, plant medicine, and talk therapy. Lastly, for the past three years Agua Dulce has been co-conspiring and building with their beloveds a farm, healing justice hub, and traditional medicines clinic focused on weaving new legacies through ceremonial agroecology in Borikén (Puerto Rico).  

Who am I

Parent to a fire-y 7 year old; flower apprentice, gardener, plant medicine maker; Marriage and Family Therapist; my politics and work- healing and transformative justice as strategies to reach abolition.

What is this space?

A public space to share reflections/lessons on plant life, earth medicine, and Abolition.

Why did I create flower songs?

After 10 years of intentionally building with the earth, i.e. growing food & medicine + apprenticing my Elder and 20 years of engaging political and social movements, I feel an urgency to call us back to the earth for lessons on how we can organize sustainable and thriving communities.

Adaption: a change in a plant or animal that makes it better able to live in a particular situation; the process of changing to fit some purpose or situation; the process of adapting.

-Emergent strategy,
adrienne maree brown

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Private Sessions

I offer 1-1 tele-therapy sessions. DM for more info.

Healing Justice support and facilitation

For organizations and individuals who are interested in incorporating HJ as part of their organizational strategy.

Dulce’s Medicine Cabinet

Herbal and Flower medicine to support your emotional and spiritual bodies. DM for more info.


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