Flowers in the time of Rage

a very proud me after a full harvest at my south central community garden plot. featured plants: feverfew, fennel bulbs, mugwort, Mexican purple sage, rosemary, and rose. Spring 2019.

Today a hummingbird tried to enter my kitchen. the only thing that stopped the baby from coming in was the closed window. I stared at the messenger for a minute (or so it felt like that long) thanked them for coming to visit me/us in our home. the baby messenger brought me a smile and reminded me of the abundant earth medicine I have been cultivating for 10+ years now.

This love offering is in response to requests I have had recently about flowers for rage. in these times rage is a feeling that many of us are feeling for reasons only each of us know and carry within our bodies. flowers heal us in our emotional and etheric realms. let them guide you to deeper healing within yourself.

Here are 3 of my favorite flower + plant rituals for rage. hope you enjoy familia. and that the flowers and plants near you continue to call your name with messages and sweet songs.

Recipe 1: Rose + Lemon Balm Tea.

Rose + lemon balm tea to ease the edge of rage. Late Spring 2018.

Rose + Lemon Balm Tea: Drink Rose + Lemon Balm tea for 7 days, 2-3 times a day. Start your morning with a cup of this tea, journal your intentions for the day, and choose oracle cards to understand the energy of rage within you and how you will encounter this energy through out your day. This tea blend serves as a gentle balm for your aching heart & your raging body, while warming your physical body and aiding in blood circulation. In the afternoon, I recommend you utilize your tea time by honoring the importance of taking a break to recharge and check-in with yourself. How is your day going thus far? Are you doing what you intended to do? What, if anything, needs to shift for you to have the day you would like to have? Where in your bodies are you feeling rage? Where can you invite rose and lemon balm to heal you on a deeper level when it comes to rage? As an evening drink, enjoy before bedtime to assist you in sleeping sweetly. Be sure to shut technology off an hour before bedtime, continue your journaling, or meditate with your tea. How are these plants landing in your bodies? What is resonating with you about their care? How does rage feel when you drink rose + lemon balm?

Recipe 2: Plant bundles.

Flower bundle featuring feverfew, rose, datura, peppermint, rue, fennel, wormwood, Mexican purple sage, lavender, and rosemary. Spring 2018.

Flower + plant bundles: Gather flowers and plants most accessible to you. Make your offerings at the base of the plant, never take more than what you need, and never take more than a 2/3 of a plant. Offer the feelings of rage as part of your gift to the plants. As you bundle your plants together, imagine you are gathering friends to accompany you through your journey. Love on your plant ally friends and they will love on you. Set your intentions for healing, love, releasing grief, coming back into your body after a traumatic event, transmuting rage. The flowers will absorb what no longer serves you while filling your Spirit with the peace you deserve. Thank the plants and place your bundle at your altar, bedside, or wear it! Wearing plants is a powerful way of inviting the plants to heal you throughout the day. Wearing also helps you stay grounded in the intentions you set for yourself that day, including being with rage, healing the wounds rage is protecting, and loving on your whole self.

Recipe 3: Meditate with Larkspur.

Larkspur, South Central Los Angeles 2019.

Larkspur: Keeps you connected to your visions. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you or deter you from receiving abundance, healing, and fully realizing your deepest desires for yourself and your community. Stability, reciprocal honest love, joy, self forgiveness. call it forth meditating with this beauty. channel rage to serve your visions. Ask Larkspur to utilize the fire of rage to transform stagnation in your bodies. Your visions are worthy of your wholeness.

Larkspur growing tips: loves to grow with other flowers, especially nasturtium, lavender, feverfew, and geranium. Spreads throughout out the years in your garden plot and returns on its own, enjoy!

me with my rose cup, May 2019.
In love with the earth and enjoying (most likely rose + lemongrass tea (a fav at the time, still is!)

Contact me for a flower, herbal, or therapy consultation. I am opening up 3 spots in 2021 for new clients. Sessions consists of check-ins, body awareness practices, art, and helping you include plants as a part of your self care and healing rituals. Email:

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